The Best Way To Lose Weight

“I lost some weight once, but I found it again in the fridge.”

The only way to lose weight fast and effectively is to increase your metabolism. Have you tried a diet that worked for a friend but not for you? You followed his or her diet to the letter yet still you did not see the results he or she did. Ever wonder why? The answer is not that you are weightier but more likely that their metabolic rate is not the same as yours. Every metabolism differs from person to person and that means we all lose weight in different ways. Metabolic rate? Metabolism? No, I am not speaking a foreign language. Metabolic rate is the speed at which the body burns up calories and the responsibility of this process, called metabolism, is given to the muscles which are also known as the metabolic reactive. In a nutshell, muscles burn up fat even when you are not physically active. So, you want to lose weight fast…then speed up your metabolism. Be a healthier, sexier you by following these useful tips to increase your metabolic rate.

Be a healthier, sexier you by following these useful tips to increase your metabolic rate:

  • Hydrate. The body performs better when hydrated so drink eight or so glasses of water a day.
  • Get plenty of sleep. Studies prove that four or fewer hours of sleep a night decreases your metabolism and causes the individual to overindulge. The individuals who slept for eight hours optimized their metabolic rate and their well-rested façade made them feel less inclined to overindulge so needless to say aim for eight hours of sleep.

Exercise. Let us face it most people cringe when they hear the dreaded ‘E’ word yet muscle is an important contributor to weight loss so if you take care of it, it takes care of you. Toning your muscles will even continue to burn your calories even when you are sleeping…you would not want that? So stands to reason that the more you work out and build lean muscle, the faster you lose weight. Important points to remember are that your body slows down during the day so afternoon and towards the evening your metabolic rate slows down that is why you should exercise around this time to burn more calories. Do not be afraid to work up a sweat, it helps you keep fit and sleep better as well. Exercise does not have to be tedious and boring. Look for something that works for you and is exciting as well as fun. Join the gym, do Youtube video exercises( like Zumba) or better yet get a treadmill. Another thing to remember is that you must challenge your body when you exercise to make the most of your metabolic function because the more you push your muscles ( push not punish), the more your muscles will burn calories for hours after your workout. It is called interval training and it utilizes different ways to confuse your body by not allowing your body to get used to one thing because all exercises when done too often become monotonous as well as less effective, that effect is called the plateau effect.

  • Do not skip meals. Starving your body slows your metabolic rate causing your body to go into defense mode and the next time you eat, your body immediately stores the fat as a reserve fuel to defend itself against deprivation. Do not get me wrong, there is something to be said about intermittent fasting however it has to be done properly. and then the fast has to be broken properly too. There is a way to do it without sending your body into survival mode or you do more harm than good and probably gain more weight more quickly. If the dynamics of intermittent fasting or skipping meals is foreign then it is far safer to rather eat small meals a day, that is three small meals and if necessary, snack healthily between. Follow this guideline: Eat like a king in the morning, a queen in the afternoon, and a pauper at night. That simply meaning because your metabolism is at its fastest in the morning, you can eat a proper meal in the morning also if you want to cheat it is best done before noon so as your metabolic rate slows, your portions during meals should get less, therefore, supper time should be your smallest meal. 

Good luck!

How to get rid of acne fast

“I just want clear skin, Full eyebrows and 5 million dollars…”

Anyone who has acne wants to know how to get rid of acne fast and can you blame them. Who would not want smooth, pimple-free skin? We all know that our self confidence is built on how we look. Deny it all you want but the truth is, we all want to look our best and that is ultimately what makes us sure of ourselves.

Acne is caused by an over production of a specific hormone and is very common amongst teens. The excess oil in the pores, blocks them up becoming swollen and angry-looking. It is a scary affliction and acne sufferers’ self- confidence is shot to smithereens most of the time. They feel as though they have been cursed and the devil himself visited them while they were asleep…No… even though it feels as if the world has come to an end or you would like to slip into a black hole…

If you want the best treatments, you got to pay the big bucks…right? Well, in theory, that is true of sorts but not every one can afford quick acting meds. For those who can afford it, Benzoyl peroxide is one of the over the counter meds which is pretty good at attacking the blocked pores by clearing out the oil and soothing the irritated area. Acutane is Vitamin A in a form of a drug that helps your cause as well. There are other meds that claim to be just as good and probably are but to find the right one that is right for you, is often a tedious as well as expensive journey. For those of you who can not afford it and those who are tired of looking, then finding home remedies for acne will help you.

Try not to touch your face too often and regularly wash your hands. Drink plenty of water, about eight glasses a day and wash away toxins. Keep your face clean and pat dry with a clean towel. DO NOT sleep with make up on your face. Try not to have your hair in your face. Pillow cases must be kept clean because you rub your face into your pillow when you sleep and leave behind all the oils for the next time you lay your head down. Eat food with fiber because it contains anti-oxidants that help fight acne. Your diet should be taken into consideration in your fight against acne because the less fatty foods and oils you taken in the better. Food that is rich in potassium, iron, Vitamins B and D help to thwart pimples. Regular consumption of food rich in zinc and beta-carotene is how you get rid of acne scars.

Another tip is applying ice to the infected area to help with the swelling and rubbing a piece of garlic clove onto the angry bump will fight the infection. Leaning over a bowl of boiled water will let the steam open up your pores thereafter applying a home remedy for acne will get to the root of the problem that much faster.

Getting rid of acne is easier through proper cleaning rituals and good eating practices. A good life lesson to remember, which can be applied to every situation, is that when there is a will then there is surely a way…

How to Get Toned Thighs

“My favorite exercise is a cross between a lunge and a crunch… I call it lunch. “

You have noticed your thighs wobble so now you want to know how to tone thighs and with whatever exercise you choose to use for toning, you have the added benefit of toning your buns as well. There are a number of ways to strengthen your lower body which we will discuss in a bit but first you must steel your mindset in the direction to resolving to put in the hard work and endure it. Determination is the key to successfully reach your goal in having lean, sexy legs.

Cardio exercises are very effective at targeting thighs and buns. Though there many to choose from it is best to find one that suits your level of fitness because some require high-levels of  strength endurance and others lower-level strength endurance. Intensity interval training is what you want, meaning continuously changing up your workouts which allows your body to target different muscles at different times making the results more effective. When you target an area to exercise, you must realize that working just that part continually will not get desired results because once your body gets used to that motion, it adapts. That effect is referred to, in most circles, as the plateau effect. That is why it is important, to not only focus on exercises to tone thighs but also exercises for other areas of your body.

A set aerobic exercise works well but it still falls under the low intensity workout category. So try interval training which is higher and adjust according to your fitness level…walk on a treadmill or on a sandy beach or concrete walkway or lush forest path ,whatever your preference, for five minutes then work into a jog or run for the next five minutes and so you alternate between the two. Start with fifteen minutes and work your way up to twenty five minutes then to a half an hour as your endurance levels perk, so that the plateau effect does not settle in.

Cycling can also be used for interval training. Same principle applies…you cycle slow for awhile then increase your speed to a full out cycling frenzy then slow down again and repeat the process. As you have probably noticed you can apply interval training with almost all cardio workouts, all you have to do is employ this theory and voile’, you are one step closer to a toned, defined body. Just bear in mind that if you do not feel the burn, I said burn not ache, then it is not working and you are doing something wrong. You should push your boundaries and limits but not punish your body because if you do you defeat the purpose by being too stiff to continue your regime. That searing, searing not aching, in your thighs when you workout is you achieving your toned thighs.

It is important to remember that it is not the length of time you workout that gets results it is how effective the workout can be. Lets use an example…doing a forty five minute vigorous exercise routine will burn calories and rise your heart rate but doing a twenty five minute endurance testing workout that pushes you to your limits will burn even more calories even hours after your exercise session. So what am I saying…more time exercising does not often get you the results you want even though logically it should but less time doing endurance testing exercises will tone thighs, buns and whatever else needs toning. 

A good diet will also help you tone thighs and buns faster by giving your muscles less calories to burn which will allow the muscles to work more at getting stronger. So embrace a healthier lifestyle and embrace that vitality…

Benefits Of Yoga

“I do yoga so that I can stay flexible enough to kick my own arse if necessary.”

When you utter the word, “yoga” and uncontrollable image pops into your head, a bald headed monk in red orange robes sitting, eyes shut, cross legged with his hands draped casually on his knees with the tips of his thumbs and forefingers touching. The echo, of the monotonous mantra hummed, bounces off the picturesque mountain scene in the background rendering a peaceful serenity to the ethereal temple flushed against a lush snow capped mountain. If the image was not there before, I am pretty sure it is now and that is what yoga is all about…it is a meditative practice that frees your mind also allowing you to transport yourself to a higher consciousness.

Yoga is a long practiced and unfortunately misunderstood custom. People from all over the world with different cultures, backgrounds and beliefs deepen their way of life by practicing yoga. This form of exercise is said to improve your health by captivating your body, your mind and your spirit in a tranquil serendipitous way. There are few paraphernalia must haves that you require when you start this beneficial ritual and the basic yoga kit consist of yoga mats, yoga blocks, music as well as DVDs or book or even Youtube videos to guide you on your quest for tranquility.

Yoga also serves to detox your body with meditative positions also helping to assist in weight loss by burning calories and providing sustainable energy as well as improving ones balance by optimizing your body functions. Yoga can be practiced as often as one desires and in comfort. You are required to wear loosely fitting cloths that does not hinder your movements and flexibility.

Yoga mats are to soften the area of wooden or tiled or concrete floor you choose to use when you exercise yoga. It should be long enough to offer enough space to move comfortably and the consistency of the material of your mat should be firm enough to keep your body. Yoga blocks are light foam blocks which offer to keep you secure when holding onto them while stretching to prevent any falls or mishaps. It can also be used to support your legs and to brace your body when seated.

There are many ways in which to learn about the practice of yoga, there are books offered on the market that effectively teach all you need to know and informs you of all the benefits of yoga. There many different types of yoga exercised like Bhakti Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Karma Yoga to name but a few. Many individuals who practice this dying art confess to be unburdened from stress leaving them feeling care free and calm.

There are many DVDs  as well as YOUtube videos that can instruct you in your beginning phase of yoga, guiding you in the correct way to execute yoga stretches and different forms of Yoga practiced. Some yoga exercises focus on stretching, others on losing weight, and some on strengthening and a few on staying power.

There are also many classes offered on the different forms of Yoga and fortunately there are no age limits to Yoga and you can choose the type that suits your fitness levels. So go on try it and experience first hand the benefits of Yoga. Ooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Aerobics for weight loss

“I didn’t mean to gain weight, it just happened by snackcident.”

The recipe to longevity and all round vitality has two very important ingredients, they are diet AND exercise. It is all good and well to want to lose weight. Yet what most people do not realize is that when you free yourself of the excess weight, you need to do toning exercises as to prevent saggy skin and firm up your muscles. When you exercise you burn calories and when you eat you provide your body with the fuel needed to function effectively. So… if you stick to rule of burning more calories than you consume then weight loss becomes inevitable and toning exercises become a necessity.

An important fact to remember when you do toning exercises is that muscle weighs more than fat therefore you should not put too much faith in your scale. In fact, it will probably be best if you stop weighing yourself all together. A scale will give the wrong impression about your weight loss efforts because you will be losing centimeters. Even though you may not be showing much improvement on the scale, does not mean it is not working and should take your measurements at your waist with a tape measure for a more accurate assessment. Remember to measure your fitness by how you feel after climbing stairs instead of how much you weigh.

Aerobics is a form of exercise that is notably affective as a toning exercise tool because it is sweat inducing cardio workout that gets your heart pumping. Aerobics helps burn those calories and firm up those flabby bits. The relentless movements without pause to attain the adrenaline required to increase your heart rate, is sheer exhilaration. Enjoyment is the added benefit to this form of toning exercises and your body learns endurance.
These exercises helps your fitness levels by strengthening your heart as well as your lungs and tightens muscles making them leaner. It also works your whole body, targeting every muscle through continuous movements and actions. Strengthening as well as toning. Challenging your body by pushing it to the max is an important and fundamental key to achieving weight loss. Remember once you reach that plateau meaning, when you stop seeing results, it means your body is in its comfort zone and needs to switch to a new endurance level. Signifying a change in toning exercises is needed.

There are many forms of aerobics that suit each individual specifically by fitness level so it is important to research which ones are safe for you. Seeking a professional opinion is advised if there are any health issues to be concerned about. These professionals will be able to help choose a good workout program suited just for you and allay any concerns you may have about any type of toning exercises you would like to try. Due to the constraints of this pandemic, I understand sometimes personal training or advice cannot be so readily available however do not despair because YouTube is your friend. You can punch aerobics or even Zumba into the search bar and just see what catches you then give it a try in the privacy of your own home with no judgement.

Toning exercises are hard work so start slowing and work your way up past your endurance levels by increasing your intensity. Remember confidence to wear whatever you want and having the feeling of actually liking what you see in the mirror is definitely worth it. Remember Eat five small meals a day and drink eight glasses of water daily. Again, an important point to remember for fitness sake is that it is not about how much time you spend burning calories but how much you can challenge yourself. Your muscles need to burn more calories for hours after your workout and your energy levels need to sustain you through out your day.

Green Tea for weight loss

Green tea for weight loss… Really? For years green tea has been reputed to be beneficial to your health and body. Among the wide array of benefits include its usefulness as a beauty tonic due to its ability to detoxify and purify, stimulating from the inside and when splashed on your face, acts as an ant ageing agent. It helps in the fight against lung and throat cancer. It helps maintain blood pressure, your cholesterol and control diabetes. Its medicinal qualities are endless, it helps allay fatigue and alleviate body pains. Well, if those aren’t enough to abandon all beverages.

Then how about weight loss… There must be something special in green tea for helping you lose weight or why else would most diet pills, fat burning supplements or solutions contain green tea extract. Green tea holds the capacity to promote a resilient and stable body thereby increasing your metabolism. How important is this in weight loss? Extremely… Metabolism is the name given to the function of breaking down fat. When we consume food our bodies then function to separate what we use, what we store and what we get rid of. Once in storage, fats (in all its forms) are broken down further, our metabolism decides how fast these fats are broken down and that’s why it is so important because the slower your metabolism, the more fat you  store and the faster your metabolism, the more fat you burn.

Green tea for weight loss is essential because helps you burn those dreaded fat cells  therefore adding a much needed boost to you metabolism. So if you obviously increasing the speed of your metabolism then the more weight you are burning and the closer you get to your goal weight. Remember though everything, no matter how supposedly good for you they are, if taken or used in excess becomes just as dangerous as the most lethal drug.

So, remember Green tea should be considered as a great assist but for even greater weight loss results, should be used in conjunction with exercises and good eating habits. It may be vile tasting and green but you’ll acquire a taste for it. Besides with a little honey and the silent mantra in your head going “It’s good for me” repeatedly then good benefits are yours for the taking. Brewed green tea in a teapot such as a Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapot is even better, its brews all that goodness that much longer so drink up…

What Is The Secret To A Good Relationship?

I always love entertaining. I guess when you have grown up with a dad who would literally takes entertaining to the next level with his cooking and his big heart then it is only natural that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. However, it is a bit tricky when your spouse does not do people as I learnt from my mom and now my husband. My mom and dad are the proverbial opposites which makes my union with my polar-opposite husband that much more bazaar. I saw the fireworks and clashes of two people who literally have different opinions and stances on most topics then I go and choose a partner with the same tendencies. Sucker for punishment or recipe for a successful union?

Well, my parents are still married after 39 years and not just married but happily married so I guess there is something to be said about opposites attracting. My husband and I are always on opposite sides of most topics and it is quite exciting having to defend my opinion or cause, so I guess that is how we keep the flame alive. We do agree sometimes but I have to admit, it is rare indeed to be on the same page! We work though and so do my parents so in that matter it becomes a simple case (well, not that simple ha-ha) of learning to compromise. So, compromise we must, on EVERYTHING, even things such as entertaining at home which my husband HATES and I LOVE.

The rules of engagement regarding compromising are usually straightforward- I am always right (ha-ha kidding he will always deny that even if it is sometimes right). The rules are we give 50-50, so if I want to entertain I must do it a small group at a time and only once in awhile not often so he gets a small dose of ‘people’ at a time. Not only do hubby and I differ in topics but in tastes as well. I am from Kwazulu Natal, I am boisterous, and I do spicy food. Hubby is from Cape Town; he does placid and bland food.

To quote my husband: “I eat for purpose not pleasure.”, whereas I am all about the visual when I eat- it must look nice and taste great. He will sit to read all the ingredients on the packaging before consuming and if I like it, I will just eat it. I love reading novels and he loves reading textbooks. I love sci-fi and movies that go ‘boom’ whereas he loves movies that say, ‘based on a true story’ (the ones that make me ball my eyes out or sleep). Yet still we will read together and watch movies together. That is what any relationship is about, it is COMPROMISE and when you care or LOVE someone you will be wise to learn that concept well. In a relationship, it takes two people to make it work and not everything is about ‘you’. Yes, I am no authority on the matter but I would say with almost 17 years of marriage under my belt dealing with all sorts of issues, the worst being losing a child then trust me, I know what I’m talking about.  If you want more insight to my entertaining views and product reviews checkout out my website.