What Is The Secret To A Good Relationship?

I always love entertaining. I guess when you have grown up with a dad who would literally takes entertaining to the next level with his cooking and his big heart then it is only natural that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. However, it is a bit tricky when your spouse does not do people as I learnt from my mom and now my husband. My mom and dad are the proverbial opposites which makes my union with my polar-opposite husband that much more bazaar. I saw the fireworks and clashes of two people who literally have different opinions and stances on most topics then I go and choose a partner with the same tendencies. Sucker for punishment or recipe for a successful union?

Well, my parents are still married after 39 years and not just married but happily married so I guess there is something to be said about opposites attracting. My husband and I are always on opposite sides of most topics and it is quite exciting having to defend my opinion or cause, so I guess that is how we keep the flame alive. We do agree sometimes but I have to admit, it is rare indeed to be on the same page! We work though and so do my parents so in that matter it becomes a simple case (well, not that simple ha-ha) of learning to compromise. So, compromise we must, on EVERYTHING, even things such as entertaining at home which my husband HATES and I LOVE.

The rules of engagement regarding compromising are usually straightforward- I am always right (ha-ha kidding he will always deny that even if it is sometimes right). The rules are we give 50-50, so if I want to entertain I must do it a small group at a time and only once in awhile not often so he gets a small dose of ‘people’ at a time. Not only do hubby and I differ in topics but in tastes as well. I am from Kwazulu Natal, I am boisterous, and I do spicy food. Hubby is from Cape Town; he does placid and bland food.

To quote my husband: “I eat for purpose not pleasure.”, whereas I am all about the visual when I eat- it must look nice and taste great. He will sit to read all the ingredients on the packaging before consuming and if I like it, I will just eat it. I love reading novels and he loves reading textbooks. I love sci-fi and movies that go ‘boom’ whereas he loves movies that say, ‘based on a true story’ (the ones that make me ball my eyes out or sleep). Yet still we will read together and watch movies together. That is what any relationship is about, it is COMPROMISE and when you care or LOVE someone you will be wise to learn that concept well. In a relationship, it takes two people to make it work and not everything is about ‘you’. Yes, I am no authority on the matter but I would say with almost 17 years of marriage under my belt dealing with all sorts of issues, the worst being losing a child then trust me, I know what I’m talking about.  If you want more insight to my entertaining views and product reviews checkout out my website.

Published by Charlie

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