Green Tea for weight loss

Green tea for weight loss… Really? For years green tea has been reputed to be beneficial to your health and body. Among the wide array of benefits include its usefulness as a beauty tonic due to its ability to detoxify and purify, stimulating from the inside and when splashed on your face, acts as an ant ageing agent. It helps in the fight against lung and throat cancer. It helps maintain blood pressure, your cholesterol and control diabetes. Its medicinal qualities are endless, it helps allay fatigue and alleviate body pains. Well, if those aren’t enough to abandon all beverages.

Then how about weight loss… There must be something special in green tea for helping you lose weight or why else would most diet pills, fat burning supplements or solutions contain green tea extract. Green tea holds the capacity to promote a resilient and stable body thereby increasing your metabolism. How important is this in weight loss? Extremely… Metabolism is the name given to the function of breaking down fat. When we consume food our bodies then function to separate what we use, what we store and what we get rid of. Once in storage, fats (in all its forms) are broken down further, our metabolism decides how fast these fats are broken down and that’s why it is so important because the slower your metabolism, the more fat you  store and the faster your metabolism, the more fat you burn.

Green tea for weight loss is essential because helps you burn those dreaded fat cells  therefore adding a much needed boost to you metabolism. So if you obviously increasing the speed of your metabolism then the more weight you are burning and the closer you get to your goal weight. Remember though everything, no matter how supposedly good for you they are, if taken or used in excess becomes just as dangerous as the most lethal drug.

So, remember Green tea should be considered as a great assist but for even greater weight loss results, should be used in conjunction with exercises and good eating habits. It may be vile tasting and green but you’ll acquire a taste for it. Besides with a little honey and the silent mantra in your head going “It’s good for me” repeatedly then good benefits are yours for the taking. Brewed green tea in a teapot such as a Tetsubin Cast Iron Teapot is even better, its brews all that goodness that much longer so drink up…

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