How to Get Toned Thighs

“My favorite exercise is a cross between a lunge and a crunch… I call it lunch. “

You have noticed your thighs wobble so now you want to know how to tone thighs and with whatever exercise you choose to use for toning, you have the added benefit of toning your buns as well. There are a number of ways to strengthen your lower body which we will discuss in a bit but first you must steel your mindset in the direction to resolving to put in the hard work and endure it. Determination is the key to successfully reach your goal in having lean, sexy legs.

Cardio exercises are very effective at targeting thighs and buns. Though there many to choose from it is best to find one that suits your level of fitness because some require high-levels of  strength endurance and others lower-level strength endurance. Intensity interval training is what you want, meaning continuously changing up your workouts which allows your body to target different muscles at different times making the results more effective. When you target an area to exercise, you must realize that working just that part continually will not get desired results because once your body gets used to that motion, it adapts. That effect is referred to, in most circles, as the plateau effect. That is why it is important, to not only focus on exercises to tone thighs but also exercises for other areas of your body.

A set aerobic exercise works well but it still falls under the low intensity workout category. So try interval training which is higher and adjust according to your fitness level…walk on a treadmill or on a sandy beach or concrete walkway or lush forest path ,whatever your preference, for five minutes then work into a jog or run for the next five minutes and so you alternate between the two. Start with fifteen minutes and work your way up to twenty five minutes then to a half an hour as your endurance levels perk, so that the plateau effect does not settle in.

Cycling can also be used for interval training. Same principle applies…you cycle slow for awhile then increase your speed to a full out cycling frenzy then slow down again and repeat the process. As you have probably noticed you can apply interval training with almost all cardio workouts, all you have to do is employ this theory and voile’, you are one step closer to a toned, defined body. Just bear in mind that if you do not feel the burn, I said burn not ache, then it is not working and you are doing something wrong. You should push your boundaries and limits but not punish your body because if you do you defeat the purpose by being too stiff to continue your regime. That searing, searing not aching, in your thighs when you workout is you achieving your toned thighs.

It is important to remember that it is not the length of time you workout that gets results it is how effective the workout can be. Lets use an example…doing a forty five minute vigorous exercise routine will burn calories and rise your heart rate but doing a twenty five minute endurance testing workout that pushes you to your limits will burn even more calories even hours after your exercise session. So what am I saying…more time exercising does not often get you the results you want even though logically it should but less time doing endurance testing exercises will tone thighs, buns and whatever else needs toning. 

A good diet will also help you tone thighs and buns faster by giving your muscles less calories to burn which will allow the muscles to work more at getting stronger. So embrace a healthier lifestyle and embrace that vitality…

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